Monday, 21 December 2009

Hauntological Penguins

WWF's new 'Adopt a Penguin' TV ad features specially commissioned music by Belbury Poly, thus completing a circle opened up when Jim Jupp and his  Ghost Box label mates started rhapsodizing over old public information films. This sounds rather like Peter Howell to me. 

Some years ago, a friend said to me, 'If you want to hear good music on telly, watch the ads'. I've scarcely watched any telly in the last few years, but seeing as how the most purchased and most talked about sonic throwdown in recent weeks has involved the choice between a cover of a song by Billy Ray Cyrus's daughter by a boy about whom even his fans say he has the perfect voice for musical theatre, and a decade and a half old 'nu metal' hit, beloved of adolescent school boys for its potty-mouthed refrain, I'm inclined to believe my friend's comment still holds. 

Tell me, do all ads sound this good these days? Is Burial doing car ads yet? Have Hood soundtracked the latest Avon infomercial? Lord knows it's the only way anyone can make a living out of music these days ...