Sunday, 24 February 2013

Are they both talking about the same ‘free’?

“Music was born free and to win freedom is its destiny.”
– Ferruccio Busoni, Sketch for a New Aesthetic of Music

“On a long drive through California, I put on a homemade CD of mostly legitimately bought MP3s plus a few old Napster downloads. There were three Americans in the car, and when Steppenwolf's grand road-trip anthem, Magic Carpet Ride, came on we all sang along – sang along, too, when a mechanical blip interrupted the chorus. Nobody could believe it. Years before, on computers thousands of miles apart, we'd all downloaded the same corrupted MP3 and got to know Steppenwolf with blip included.”
– ‘Napster: The Day the Music Was Set Free’ by Tom Lamont in today's Observer