Saturday, 8 February 2014

All these different worlds… Holly Herndon and the Future of Music


The brilliant new single from Holly Herndon, available from RVNG Intl.

Late last year I interviewed Holly Herndon for this Quietus Essay and as we were chatting, she shared with me her predictions for the future of music over the coming year…
"I see 2014 being full of a lot of hard abrupt edges, a lot of fast changes. It’s less about how, back in the day, you would try to put one reverb on everything so it would sound like it’s in the same space. Fuck that! It’s more interesting to have a snare that’s played in outer space with a vocal that’s happening in a tiny wooden cabin. That’s fine. That’s almost like a return to music concrète but with aural architecture. It’s like a collaging of spaces. And that really is in direct reference to browsers and online experience. All these different worlds jammed up right next to each other…"