Thursday, 28 May 2009

Thought I might share with you my latest, probably ill-advised, intervention into the pages of Comment is Free on the Guardian website:

When the evangelists of the net and digital music talk about the big bad "music industry", they're not talking about the major labels at all - they can't be, just look how happy BitTorrent and so forth are to make cosy corporate deals with Fox, Paramount, etc. No, what they are talking about, what they really hate and fear is, precisely, musicians and songwriters. When they talk about music without the music industry what they really mean is music without musicians, without writers - just pure marketing (which let's face it, is the only thing the net is really good for - sure you may argue that the internet is very useful for spreading information and chatting to friends and so forth, but is it not the case that in the age of the internet, spreading information and chatting to friends comes increasingly to become indistinguishable - or almost so - from marketing?)