Monday, 18 May 2009

"We seem to have the bird by the bush in the hand."

With a plot revolving around union resistance to Taylorism, I'm All Right Jack (1959) should have plenty to interest someone I know. Margaret Rutherford, Terry Thomas and John Le Mesurier all pull off their usual turns with aplomb, but Peter Sellers, as shop steward Fred Kite, steals every scene he's in. This has lead Wikipedia to note its seductiveness for the Left, despite an overtly anti-union plot - of the Devil's party without knowing it, so to speak, as Blake said of Milton. For me, however, it was all about the following scene, from near the beginning of the film. From its bed of oscillators, chirping away in the background, to the anthropomorphised machines, each one sounding rather like Major Bloodnok's stomach, the sound design could have been done by Dick Mills.